«Peony 2.0 from crepe paper» video tutorial

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«»Peony 2.0 from crepe paper» video tutorial 4 490 p. New video tutorial «Peony 2.0! Restyling!» You can experiment yourself, but you can take all of my chips and even without the experience to create this beauty))) And exclusively from not expensive handy materials) So, the video master class of the peony (yes, just like on the picture) lasts 1 hour) AFTER VIEWING THIS TUTORIAL YOU ALREADY NEVER MAKE THE PIONES THAT BECOME BEFORE)) The lesson includes all the detailed patterns, dimensions. And also, everything about stems and leaves and sepals! In one day you will be able to make a growth, voluminous, fluffy peony) And also, how to use the airbrush to make the flower even more realistic) And more, there are several ways to make the stem for the stem! The price is certainly cheaper than anywhere) But plus to that — steeper 500 times)))) I took into account all the frequently asked questions) so it can not be obtained Peony 2.0 made from corrugated paper. — Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions — Patterns — List of recommended suppliers -Detailed Flower Arrangement Schemes The cost price of a flower is minimal! We use only not expensive handy materials!»

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